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If you’re interested in Christmas casual jobs this year, August is the time to start applying! Here’s a detailed guide to Christmas casual jobs 2021.

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Christmas casual jobs are a fantastic way to earn some extra money for the holiday season and to gain valuable work experience if you’re starting your career out.

Sooooo many organisations employ extra staff (called Christmas casuals) to help with increased trade during the busiest time of year.

Christmas casual jobs are perfect for students, or anyone else not looking to commit to ongoing employment, but would like to work over the holiday season. They’re also great for building new skills and often lead to other work opportunities!

This post is about the essential guide to finding Christmas casual jobs.

What are Christmas casual jobs?

Many businesses (especially in retail and hospitality) employ extra staff over the Christmas/holiday season to assist with the increase in demand for services, to cover shifts for permanent employees who may take leave at this time of year and to support extended trading hours. These roles are referred to as Christmas casual jobs.

Christmas casual jobs are non-ongoing, casual positions and typically work between 1 November to 31 January.

How are Christmas casuals different from regular casual staff?

Short answer – they aren’t really all that different.

Employer obligations to Christmas casual staff under employment law are the same as any casual employee. For more information about casual employment, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman site.

It’s important to keep in mind that employers will have an expectation that Christmas casuals will have full availability to work over the holiday period, including public holidays.

When to apply for Christmas casual jobs 2021

Recruitment for Christmas casual jobs usually starts in August each year and usually runs until the end of September. These are general guidelines and may differ between organisations.

For Christmas casual jobs 2021, many job advertisements are open now.

Recruitment is started early to ensure there’s enough time for candidates to go through the process entirely and receive training before the busy period starts.

 Benefits of Christmas casual jobs

There are so many reasons to consider Christmas casual jobs:

  • If you perform well, the employer may ask you to stay on past the usual time frame as either a casual employee or an ongoing one.
  • It’s a great way to earn extra money over the holidays to help with the additional expenses.
  • If you’re studying, you can work between the end of an academic year and the start of a new one. Perfect balance!
  • It’s a great way of advancing your current skills, learning new ones and building networks.
  • If you’re having difficulties entering the job market, Christmas casual work can prevent gaps in employment and help with gaining all-important work experience.

Ideas for Christmas causal jobs 2021

There are hundreds of employment and business opportunities around the holiday season that don’t require formal qualifications.

Examples of popular Christmas employment opportunities:

  • Retail (this is especially popular and there are many positions available!)
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Call centres
  • Parcel delivery/Australia Post
  • Warehousing
  • Real estate
  • Home removals

Examples of Christmas business opportunities

If you can’t imagine working for anyone else, the holiday season is a great time to test out solopreneurship.

People will be searching for unique gift ideas, and will be extremely busy getting ready for events and finishing up their own work for the year. Can you provide products or services to help them out?

Here are some ideas:

  • Selling arts, crafts and holiday-inspired food (such as Christmas cakes or gingerbread)
  • Selling beauty products (such as non-toxic self-tan) for the party season
  • Virtual assistant
  • Home décor consultant (including putting up lights and Christmas decorations)
  • Cleaning/gardening
  • Event coordination
  • Pet/house sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Personal shopper
  • Present wrapping

Tips for applying for Christmas causal jobs 2021

The recruitment process for Christmas Casual jobs is much the same as regular recruitment.

Resume preparation

Prepare your resume as you would normally, ensuring it’s tailored to each job application.

If you’re applying for positions with medium to large organisations, make sure your resume is Applicant Tracking System friendly. This is very important otherwise your application will be screened out in the very first instance.

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Target your job search

There will be so many businesses hiring Christmas casuals, so it’s best to take a targeted approach with your job search.

If you live in a city or larger town, there will be lots of opportunities available so you can afford to be strategic about jobs you apply for. Consider businesses which are conveniently located for you, that match your career aspirations and interests, and mostly importantly, that you enjoy!

Choose the organisations you prefer to work with and apply directly to them (usually via their website).

For more job search tips, check out: How to get a first job or How to get a job with no experience 

Know your career goals

Consider your long-term career goals when choosing which Christmas casual jobs to apply for. Quite often well-performing Christmas casuals are offered ongoing work, so there’s potential to use your new role as a stepping-stone towards your professional career.

Carefully consider which organisations may have positions that align with your ideal career and target your applications accordingly. Be sure to include your career goals in your application to let the recruiter know you have a long-term interest in the organisation!

To get help defining your career goals, check out: Have you got inspiring career goals? Here’s how to develop them 

Job interview preparation

Interview preparation will be very similar to other casual roles.

Medium to large organisations may use assessment centres to manage bulk applications and will be looking for similar skills in all candidates. You’ll need to articulate why you want to work for the organisation and what you can bring to the organisation. Additionally, demonstrating your customer service skills, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, reliability, team work and so on will be critical.

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Your availability to work will be a big factor when searching for Christmas casual jobs.

Your employer will have an expectation you’ll be flexible and available throughout the holiday season. Consider whether this suits your commitments and if you’re willing and able to work most public holidays and weekends.


Working Christmas casual jobs over the holiday season can be very demanding but also a lot of fun and really rewarding!

The key is to be flexible, prepared for hard work and open to learning a lot 😊

Christmas casual jobs for students are particularly beneficial as they can be done outside of the academic year and used to launch a professional career by building networks, gaining work experience and important transferable skills.

If you’re looking for Christmas casual jobs this year, be sure to start your job search now to avoid missing out!


 This post is about the essential guide to finding Christmas casual jobs.

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