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Have you been trawling the internet looking for the best career quiz? You can end your search now! Here’s all you need to know about career assessment tools and how they can help you find your ideal career.

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If you’ve become stuck when trying to make a career-related decision, I know it can be tempting to put all your faith in a career quiz to reveal your ideal career.

Unfortunately, they very rarely achieve this.

There is an overwhelming number of career quizzes available (especially free ones) and the effectiveness varies greatly.

I’m going to step you through some important points you need to consider before undertaking a career quiz.

If you’re short on time and want to know which career assessment tool I personally recommend, skip to ‘Recommended career quiz’.

This post is about the best career quiz to find your ideal career.

What is a career quiz or career test?

The terms career quiz or career test commonly refer to vocational or career assessment tools. ‘Career quiz’ is a colloquial (and often mistaken) term for a career assessment tool. That said, I’ll be using these terms interchangeably through this post.

Career assessment tools are primarily used to obtain information about or analyse a client’s career preferences such as attitude, interests, values, aptitudes, motivators, skills and experience. Some tools will also focus on personality traits.

Career assessment tools can be used for many other things such as determining career-related goals, identifying career problems and measuring the effectiveness or progress of a career management plan.

The overall aim of a career assessment tool is to assist you with career planning and decision-making.

When are career quizzes used?

Career assessment tools are not just used to help clients make career-related decisions during career consultations.

These tools can also be used by human resource professionals to:

  • determine a client’s capacity and readiness for work or eligibility for employment services
  • determine a candidate’s fit for an organisation or role when applying for a job
  • determine an employee’s professional development requirements
  • undertake strategic workforce management activities such as succession and workforce planning
  • increase employee cohesiveness and morale by understanding work preferences for teamwork, productivity etc.

Which is the best career quiz?

If you’ve ever Googled ‘career quiz’ or ‘career test’ you will find thousands of search results :\

Many different types of organisations provide career quizzes to individuals. Just some include learning intuitions such as universities, government-funded career resource websites, human resource consultants, career development consultants, blogs and other private organisations.

It’s important to exercise extreme caution when completing a free career quiz!

There’s usually a reason why career quizzes are free; commonly because your information is being collected for marketing purposes or an organisation is only recommending their own products or services in the results.

In other circumstances, a provider will allow you to complete the assessment tool for free and then charge you a fee to receive the results (or a full report).

Here are some questions to consider when choosing the best career quiz to complete:

  • Is there any research to support the effectiveness of this tool? Is there any objective data about the validity or reliability? >>> If not, I recommend you proceed with caution/skepticism!
  • Is this tool a good fit for my circumstances?
  • How will I use these results to plan my career?
  • What am I expecting to discover from this assessment?
  • Who else will see my results?
  • What costs are involved?
  • How much time do I need to dedicate to completing and interpreting the results?
  • How accessible is this tool (and the results)?
  • Do I need to give any personal details to complete the tool or receive the results? Who’s collecting my personal details? Why are they collecting my personal details?
  • Do I need assistance to interpret the results?
  • What are the limitations of this tool?

Remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Why should I use a career quiz?

The best career assessment tool will facilitate self-discovery, help you to reduce your blind spots and uncover unknown information about your career preferences.

Career assessment tools can be very useful in the broader context of a discussion with a career development practitioner.

Why shouldn’t I use a career quiz?

A career quiz is not for everyone!

Usually one assessment tool will only measure one preference or factor, such as career interests.

There’s an obvious limitation here – you’ll only get insights based on one factor. Humans are complex and need to consider many factors when making a career-related decision.

If you want to undertake multiple assessments to review all factors (called an assessment battery), this will be a lengthy and costly process.

If you’re looking for a career quiz to reveal your ideal career, one that perfectly matches all your career preferences and provides you with unlimited job satisfaction and happiness, I’m going to have to disappoint you. I would be highly skeptical about any career quiz which makes this promise.

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If you’re really keen to try a career assessment tool, I recommend you contact an appropriately qualified and registered career development practitioner (like me😊). This is important to provide a level of assurance around professionalism, ethical use, accuracy, support and so on.

Note: I currently don’t have any consulting sessions available. If you’re in Australia and would like to speak to a career development practitioner, you can find one via the Career Development Association of Australia Find a Practitioner search function.

If you’re determined to go it alone, I recommended the Self-directed Search as it’s affordable, accessible to individuals, based on sound career development theory and doesn’t need a career practitioner to interpret. However, please note I don’t use this vocational assessment as part of my practice and I’m not affiliated with the company.

If you chose to undertake any career assessment tool, take the results with a grain of salt and be guided by your own career interests, values, skills and traits and so on.


The best career quiz won’t reveal your perfect career, but reliable and valid career assessment tools can be helpful to uncover your career preferences.

Career assessment tools are best used when facilitated by qualified and registered career practitioners, and results are considered in the broader context of career development consultations.

If you’ve ever used a career assessment tool or quiz, I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments which one you used and how effective it was.

This post is about the best career quiz to find your ideal career

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Hi there, I'm Danielle Ward

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